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Clubhouse is dead!

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

Silicon Valley’s most-talked-about app and a favorite stage for rock-star entrepreneurs (The Economist) Clubhouse has captured yours and many millions of users attention globally.

I was really curious if I should host a Clubhouse talk as more and more influencers, my colleagues and entrepreneurs started talking good about it - In the mean time, I was invited for a talk by one of my colleagues which of course I enjoyed. However, since I had created my Clubhouse account I got notified time to time about talks done by my colleagues - so, I jumped in and listened - Poor strategy, poor quality of the contents and fact that I was just supposed to listen to them with zero interaction pi**ed me off - And I have decided not to launch a talk on Clubhouse and here is why!

Despite the big craze, problems are emerging.

You still need an invitation from an existing user and what’s the big deal here. That is a low-barrier for me. They should implement quality on-boarding like what LinkedIn is doing - There are only just a few of content creators on LinkedInLive and it's extremely challenging to claim the facility - that drives quality. The Clubhouse app is flooded by the new comers, the quality has run-away through the back-door. 9 out of 10 chats I jumped in was crazy, absolute zero value due to poor Ethos, pathos and logos.

Poor Moderation has made the platform wild

Without systematic moderation, chats entitled “How to discipline and train your women” or worse are popping up. Despite lower barriers to entry, millions of users are in the platform. [The Economist]

Too many chat rooms, too many poorly crafted talks

Clubhouse may help people to speak up as it allows you to hide your stage fright and speak up - well done on it. Yet, you are talking to strangers whom you have never known - this lacks one of the 3 pillars of persuasion - that is pathos. You win your talk, persuade others, you got to tackle ethos(structure/content), pathos(emotional connection) and logos(Logic) [Aristotle] - As a listener, I saw very unstructured, poor contents mostly being discussed. there might be good contents, my question is how to find them - How to avoid time and energy wasting stuff?

Clubhouse is a victim of its own growth.

As the app becomes more popular, your followers suddenly have more options for chat — many of which relate to becoming a millionaire, it seems. The catch is that some of those chats are not that enthralling, and by the way — they are not run by actual millionaires. (Brandon, 2021).

As a podcaster and Linkedin Live host, I feel special and accountable for quality when I am curating a talk with proper planning, logic and content - and I have no way of delivering the live-talk with poor connection with people in my audience. On top of it all, obtaining LinkedIn feature is tough, you got to prove your competence with regular contents to get the feature enabled. Clubhouse lack that. Anyone can start a room and talk - The strangers just join and quite in a few seconds. So many shows, but, how do I know what really works. Very limited information for me to know if any chat is worthwhile to listen.

Club House May win it :

You never know if it will totally collapse or will boost its traction. It has got the attention, keeping it is its challenge. If you ask me, will it collapse, It is too early to judge – Yet, some pains are not supportive. They have greater advantage over group chatting – and the fact they have got the hype, keeping it for a longer time is their challenge. How so, they got to be agile, they got to perfect the app sooner than later. Big tech Giants must be on their options.

I have better options

More and more people sharing their wisdom is great but, there must be some discipline in crafting and articulating the right message, right way - All depends on what the listeners feel about what's been discussed, the value delivered. I personally prefer much stronger human connections and ability to connect, engage and share and trust me that will never be replaced by just listening.

What are your thoughts? What would be the future of clubhouse?


Brandon, J., 2021. The Drop-In Audio App Clubhouse Is Dying. It Was Fun While It Lasted. [Blog] Available at: <> [Accessed 20 July 2021].

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