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Resources to help you speed up your growth!

Greetings from Agile Great. we are committed to serve you with the best tools and resources. Let us help you with the must-have knowledge and facilitate your learning journey!


Double Your Value
Through Personal Branding

Creating your own roadmap when it comes to building your personal brand is what this book is all about. It’s been an absolute pleasure putting this together, as we strongly feel that everyone should have the right to work on their personal branding. As the co-authors, we went back in our memory lanes to recall every tip and trick that personally worked for us in building our own personal branding. This is a must-have in your book collection!


101 OKRs Guide

If you have not heard of OKRs, this is the right time for you to get into it. In the next decade, expect majority of the companies ranging from #Startups#ScaleUps and #Corporate companies to adopt this #Management #Methodology! Up to date, going trough numerous management mindsets, frameworks, this is the best - This is the only framework that supports Lean and agile mindset, and more importantly, the one focuses on #Execution over #just #expertise!



To craft this unique board, we have used #Kanban, with a clear focus on improving flow, strongly emphasizes defining and adhering to WIP limits in order to make sure that work that has already been taken up is completed first before starting new work.

Plan, execute and get things done with your family in 2022 and beyond with this unique #FamilyKanban Board! Let's make a difference together!


𝗪𝗵𝘆 this Kanban Board?

#Plan#Do#Check and #Act and get things done with my family with this unique #FamilyKanban Board! Make a difference together!
⤓ Increase accountability in your family
⤓ Increase #transparency on who does what
⤓ Minimize totally unnecessary chaotic situations and conflict of interest
⤓ Control your #WIP limits
⤓ Great way to bring everyone together for a common mission
⤓ Prioritize effectively
⤓ Have fun while you get the things done at home

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