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First, Congratulations for showing up and being commited to your exponential growth. Let us help you grow in your expert domain!


Our Mission is to educate and inspire communities to be agile through agile mindset and practices. We create a lot of contents and facilitate agile and leadership training globally. One of our key focuses is to make the programs available at the most affordable price. Please find the digital credentials offered currently

Step 01

In order to claim a specific digital credential, you are required to participate in the designated training at Agile Great or you must possess the required knowledge that guarantees the fulfillment of the objectives evaluated in the certification exam.

Step 02

Each program has an assessment. Being directed at a professional audience, reflection and critical appreciation are key features of the work that is expected to be created by our participants.

At the end of each program, participants need to create a 500 word (or more) blog post on a specified theme given to you by the facilitator. 

Step 03

Jumping on Box

Your Gateway
to Success

We are specialized in agile, project management and personal branding training and consultation. Our trainers have trained thousands of professionals. We have also coached and consulted many tech start-ups, scale-ups and big enterprises globally. Our aim is to help the organizations and individuals to be agile and lean resulting the most optimized value streams. We don't just teach or train, we facilitate learning because we understand learning is an art of discovery. 

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